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Information and guidance outlining the aim of ACDS

All research staff of the ACDS is linked to the Research Focus Area: Social Transformation through the research program: Disaster Risk Studies.

The aim of the sub-program is to investigate and examine key issues relating to disaster risk within the greater Africa context. The role of disaster risk and the impact of water within social transformation is investigated. The sub-program currently have the following focuses and objectives with each one discussed below:

Water as Disaster Risk
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  • Investigate the nature, extent and origin of surface and ground water of the Mooiriver and Skoonspruit catchment areas regarding potable water supply.
  • Assess the effective management of the Gerhard Minnebron as primary water source of Potchefstroom.


Disaster Risk and Gender Issues
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  • Evaluate and critically analyze gender issues in the SA context.
  • Explore gender issues within the SA mining sector.
  • Develop and improve accessibility of resources relating to gender and disasters.
  • Investigate the interrelatedness of gender and climate change issues.


Climate Change Adaptation
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  • Assess the impact of climate change on disaster risk within the African context.
  • Determine the impact of climate change on water use and availability in the North-West Province, South Africa.
  • Investigate climate change adaptation as mitigation to increased disaster risk.


Governance Of Disaster Risk Reduction
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  • Determine the nature and extent of municipal management of disaster risk.
  • Investigate and assess institutional capacities of disaster risk reduction.
  • Assess and analyse disaster risk reduction policies and legislation in the African setting.
  • Investigate the politics of disaster risk management.


Geo-spatial applications for disaster risk reduction
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  • Use and apply geo-spatial data and information for disaster risk assessment and mapping
  • Assess, analyse and map vulnerability within the SADC region.



The ACDS  produces two regular publications: a journal and a newsletter as well as various other research outputs such as working papers, articles and research reports. Please use the navigation on the left  to further explore this field. All publications from researchers in relation to ACDS have been archived on our Publications page accessed below: